The Amazing Healing Benefits of Coffee Enemas

Autoimmune sufferers and health nuts swear by coffee enemas. If the idea of pumping organic java up your rectum is off-putting to you, consider that this treatment has been around for a long time, and is one of the best ways to remove toxins.

In fact, the earliest known documentation of the treatment is in the Edwin Smith (circa 1600 B.C.) and Ebers (circa 1550 B.C.) papyri, ancient Egyptian medical texts. Since the coffee enema’s earliest days, many healthcare practitioners across the globe have considered the practice to be a staple treatment for their patients.

Coffee enemas have historically been used to treat ailments ranging from cancer to depression. They have also been cited to:

– Detoxify and improve glutathione levels
– Ease PMS symptoms, such as cramping and bloating
– Reduce anxiety
– Improve digestion
– Banish Candidia
– Boost energy
– Contribute to hormone regulation
– Improve mental clarity and focus
– Reduce chronic pain
– Improve skin health

Dr. Raymond Tolmos, a chiropractic internist at Frontier Spine and Health Care, often recommends coffee enemas to supplement other treatments for internal disorders, such as gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune conditions, and weight loss.

” Coffee enemas provide many health benefits that you can not find anywhere else. For certain patients, they play an invaluable role in their healing.”

How Do Coffee Enemas Work?
Toxins are everywhere. They’re in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. As such, it’s crucial that we help our bodies detoxify. Fortunately, coffee enemas are among the most effective methods of detoxing.

When introduced to the colon, coffee is absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the liver, promoting a beneficial increase in the production of glutathione, which is an antioxidant enzyme that plays a major role in driving toxins from the body. Detoxification of the liver, however, is only beneficial if the toxins have somewhere to go.

Lindsea Burns, nutritional therapy practitioner at the Atlas Health Care Center, explains:

” Our liver is doing the most work and it has the least access to the outside world … We can support the liver all we want, but it’s only doing the cleaning. It’s not taking out the trash. It’s also important to support the gallbladder, which is basically how the liver takes out the trash.”

Burns continues: “The coffee enema can actually stimulate … the biliary ducts [causing them] to open [and] release toxins into the intestinal tract for excretion. So we’re able to support the body internally to do all the work in detox and then we also have a way to help the body eliminate those toxins.”

In short, a coffee enema is a great way to “take out the trash” and refresh your body.

Still not convinced? See coffee enema testimonials now!

Enjoy Premium Coffee and Its Many Benefits

Coffee drinkers have enjoyed smelling coffee’s soothing aroma and drinking coffee as a morning treat for thousands of years. It’s often used as a “pick-me-up” to get going in the mornings, as a warming drink during cold winter weather, and even as a treat after meals. In recent years, more and more coffee distributors have been exploring different flavors of coffee, trying out new ground coffees and coffee blends. If you’re a coffee drinker, here are some ways to enjoy premium coffee to the fullest and its many benefits.

Premium coffee has been around for years, but not quite in the variety that it’s available today. Now you can even go online to order almost any type of coffee beans you’d like. You can order world coffee from many different countries to try all the different coffee blends. You can order roasted coffee, strong coffee, or Kona coffee. There are so many types of coffee that the choices seem endless.

Cold and Flavored Coffee

Another enjoyable type of coffee that’s popular today is a cold coffee or iced coffee beverage. There are a variety of cappuccinos, which are specially flavored blends of coffee, milk, and other ingredients to create a sweet coffee-like treat. Then, you can try an iced latte, espresso, and other premium coffee beverages as an alternative to milkshakes and other beverage treats. These even make a great treat for kids…. but don’t allow them to drink too much coffee or they might bounce off the walls for a while!

Health Benefits of Coffee

There are conflicting beliefs about the health benefits of coffee, but like any other natural food or beverage, the issue is usually “how much” a person should eat or drink rather than “if” they should. Regular, moderate premium coffee consumption has been linked to many health benefits. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers are less susceptive to certain ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, gallstones, diabetes, depression, and Parkinson’s disease. There are many natural antioxidants contained in ground coffee and coffee beans. Antioxidants aid in the removal of toxins in our bodies and help prevent disease.

On the negative side, coffee also has extremely high caffeine content. Caffeine can provide a sudden boost of energy, but can also cause long-term health ailments if consumed too much, such as a heart rate increase, high blood pressure, or an irregular heartbeat. Coffee is also highly acidic, which can cause a decrease in oxygen levels in the body and a build up of lactic acid. Luckily for those who need to limit their caffeine intake, there is decaf coffee that has most of the caffeine removed.

So as with many natural foods and drinks, drinking coffee in moderation is still the best way to enjoy its health benefits and other benefits as well.

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Choose Premium Coffee Online that Excites Your Taste Buds

The good thing about buying premium coffee online is you can obtain the freshest coffee and choose from a number of coffee blends to excite your taste buds. Even coffee drinkers have different preferences when it comes to coffee blends. Ordering premium coffee online enables you to try out all the blends and discover which coffees you like best. And, you can order these from your home at affordable rates. Many of the special coffee blends can’t be found at local grocery stores, so you can pick and choose from a wide selection of ground coffee from around the world.

Online premium coffee offers you the beverage you’ve always loved but with more blends and choices than ever. Try out all the great coffees at your favorite online coffee store today.

Roasted To Excel Premium Gourmet Coffee

Coffee at Its Finest

Some people who find slurping coffee in specialty shops as an indulgence would definitely agree to the fact that these samples of rich concoction is worthy of the amount paid. There is nothing quite the same to the taste of specially brewed premium gourmet coffee with its unique aroma that, to some, is synonymous with being serenaded by an orchestra while lying on a luxurious hammock.

Such is the experience of coffee connoisseurs who have met their match of the perfect cup of premium gourmet coffee. Since there are a variety of coffee beans to delve our eyes upon, it usually takes several tries before one can decide which should be a regular partner in our early morning habit.

There are folks who like the popular dark roasted coffee beans while some are into the light roast that they find are just right for their taste. The rest are in the middle ground of medium roasted coffee taste. It all comes down to personal preference, when all is said and done though. Trying it all to conclude at a decision is not a bad idea for those who are searching for their personal finest choice of coffee.

Placing a Premium on Gourmet Taste

These roasted beans differ in the way they are prepared, along with the flavor they distinctly bring:
1. Dark roast – Usually a popular choice for those wanting a strong taste of smokiness to their cup of beverage; this comes out of being roasted longer than the other types of beans. The burnt flavor has a finish to it that could really perk up the sluggish coffee drinker on the way to work.
2. Medium roast – The choice of those wanting a slurp that does not necessarily send them up and about in a second. This type of roasted beans usually produces a flavor that is about right for the drinker who likes to the take time enjoying his cup for its natural taste.
3. Light roast – As its name implies, this produces a drink that is neither strong nor overly rich in flavor, but offers a natural whiff of coffee taste that is just about enough to be savored by coffee junkies.

Coffee drinkers who have long since determined what their top choices are would really put the premium on a gourmet coffee cup that is just the exact match to their daily grind. Nothing quite beats the moment of drinking premium gourmet coffee that has been prepared well by baristas who know their business or simply by someone at home who has that flair for excellent taste. Wherever one may be having a blast drinking their premium gourmet coffee, in their offices, in a coffee shop or while lounging at home, it definitely is a little taste of heaven.

Organization Helps Change The World With Coffee

You can make a difference in the world every day, simply by purchasing coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters of Vermont is introducing Heifer Hope Blend, a new organic coffee whose sales will help improve the lives of small-scale coffee farmers in Guatemala. Forty cents of every bag purchased will be given to Heifer International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hunger worldwide.

The partnership between Heifer and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will bring needed assistance to impoverished farmers of the La Voz area in San Juan la Laguna and other communities in Guatemala.

Coffee prices today are so low that many small-scale farmers are unable to make a living growing coffee. With Heifer’s help, the farmers at La Voz will learn to grow certified organic, shade-grown premium coffee. Green Mountain Coffee then will buy the coffee from the farmers at fair-trade prices – a guaranteed wage that is higher than what the farmers would get on the conventional market – and roast and package it as Heifer Hope Blend.

The farmers will earn a premium price and Heifer will extend its work to more poor families.

With the money earned by Heifer Hope Blend, Heifer also will help coffee-growing families diversify their sources of income by giving them livestock – cows, goats and other income-producing farm animals. This extra income means better nutrition, housing, health care and education.

Since 1944, Heifer has helped millions of impoverished families move toward self-reliance by

providing them with livestock and earth-friendly agricultural training. Heifer then asks the families to “pass on the gift” by donating their animals’ offspring to others, thereby helping to lift entire communities out of poverty.

Green Mountain Coffee has made a commitment to social responsibility and the environment

as well, annually setting aside 5 percent of its pre-tax profits to support charitable causes.

“We are truly excited about partnering with socially and environmentally responsible corporations such as Green Mountain Coffee,” said Cynthia Hester, Heifer’s director of corporate partnerships. “It’s important that nonprofits find new ways of encouraging companies to extend their values into the nonprofit world.”